Kite Anchor

Made from 1/2" solid hardened-steel with a sharpened 4" diameter auger bit -- then hot-dipped galvanized,  this kite anchor will bore into even hard-packed earth for a safe and secure anchor. A marine grade, 4mm x 6 feet long, 2,000lb break-strength leash along with a large, super-strong stainless steel gate snap securely attaches to any chicken loop. The handle is made from 1 1/4" solid polyethylene molded plastic. Total length = 28 inches, handle width = 12 inches, weight = 3 lbs. To use : pick a place on the shore far enough from the water to lay your lines out. Turn kiteanchor into the ground to the black line, slide leash down to the ground. Walk away from the kiteanchor in the direction you want to launch your kite and lay the lines out perpendicular to the wind with the line ends closest to the water. Walk backwards towards the kiteanchor as you lay the lines down, then attach the chicken loop to the anchor leash gate snap. Remember to depower the center lines -- more for strong winds, less for light winds. Inflate the kite and lay it down on the upwind side of the lines, 3/4 way down the lines. Starting at the kiteanchor, separate the lines using the kiteanchor to hold the control bar in place as you walk towards and behind the kite. Once you have separated the lines, turn and attach them to the kite. Turn the kite over and walk away from the anchor so the lines are tight and the kite is standing up on its wing tip with the leading edge into the wind -- the kite should remain stable without holding it, if not, move it a little upwind or downwind -- walk back to the kiteanchor, attach your safety leash to the control bar or line, attach the chicken loop to your harness THEN detach the kiteanchor leash, launch kite and enjoy your day! Repeat the process in reverse to land the kite.


Kite Anchor
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  • Manufacturer: S squared products, LLC
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