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Welcome to the NEW & IMPROVED Thank you for your interest in for self-launching and self-landing of kiteboarding kites. Here's what i've discovered about kite anchors -- sandbags don't work, screw down plastic umbrella holders don't hold well, and small boat anchors are far too dangerous. That's why I created this kite anchor - because it really works!

Self-launching a kite without an anchor is easy in almost any wind -- but self-landing a kite without an anchor in moderate to strong winds can have very serious consequences. A kite anchor is first and foremost a safety device -- and secondly a convenience device. Having a secure anchor for strong winds is paramount. The Kiteanchor is built to last forever -- it's a one-time investment for a lifetime of safety.

 *  galvanized metal = will not rust or chip , 12" x 28" , weight = 3 pounds

 *  4" auger blade for maximum holding power

 *  molded polyethylene handles

 *  4mm dyneema-core line will hold 2,000lbs , super strong 3" stainless steel safety hook

 *  $94.95

international orders : Unfortunately we only ship to USA.

Kite Anchor

Kite Anchor

Now with solid polyethylene plastic handles, galvanized steel, 4mm dyneema-core line, and super strong 3" stainless steel snap hook. click photo for more info.

  • Price: $94.95

water kit

water kit

Use your Kiteanchor in shallow water to set up, launch, land, and hold 2 kites.

click photo for more information

  • Price: $20.00